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DIY Ethics, Perfectionist Execution

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🧿 1. Staatseinde (Nethelands) #synthpunk #electrowave
🧿 2. Majestoluxe (Sweden) #ebm #electronics
🧿 3. Hammershoi (France) #synthwave #ebm
🧿 4.Uphoria (Italy) #synthpunk #punk
🧿 5. Infant Sanchos (Germany) #mutantwave #synthpunk #digitalhardcore
🧿6. Björn Peng (Germany) #ebm #darkrave #anarchopunk
🧿7. LR666 (France) #synthpunk #mutantwave #synthmadness
🧿8. GrGr ( Germany) #8-bit #synthpunk
🧿9.Kakapunk (Brugge Belgium) #noise #punk – Special bathroom blackout strobo show!


This is a non profit, DIY festival. We welcome our community involvement and very happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.  We love making underground music and art events and installations and take it very seriously. If you would like to volunteer for the crew or to contribute your skills in sound, video, art, lights we are very happy to welcome you but please only join us if you are willing to make a full commitment to the project.  Lets’ make something amazing together!

To volunteer please write us at mutanttransmissions at

Recommended Accommodations:
Hostel Europa
Baron Ruzettelaan 143, Brugge, 8310, Belgium
+32 50 35 26 79

  • To train station: 1.6 km
  • To the Festival: 1.9 km

We have rooms reserved for our guests with private bathrooms. Please ask for the “Mutant Transmissions Festival” when making a reservation. Single, double, 4 and 6 people rooms available with prices starting at  29 per person per night. breakfast and parking included.